Keep Your Hands And Feet Soft With 4 Simple Tips

Hands And Feet Soft

Keep Your Hands And Feet Soft With 4 Simple Tips

Keeping our hands and feet soft is difficult as many of our daily activities involve using it. Our skin is often exposed to harsh elements daily, from the weather to harsh chemicals and soaps. Our hands and feet are prone to suffering from cracking and dryness.

Not to mention the times we wash our hands and feet daily, it can strip off the natural moisture and protective barrier from our skin. Taking good care of your skin before it turns lifeless and dull is important.

You want to keep your hands and feet soft by giving them extra love and care. It is necessary for any skincare routine. You want to pay attention to the details when caring for your hands and feet. So here are some tips to help you achieve your goal.

What Causes Your Hands And Feet To Be Rough?

Hands And Feet Soft

Dry, rough, and cracked hands and feet are a common issue many people will suffer, especially when temperatures drop. You may think using lotion can help, but sometimes it may worsen the matter.

The best way to keep our hands and feet soft is to prevent our skin from losing moisture. But, no matter how well we prevent it, dryness will still manage to set in. There are ways to moisturize the dry skin we have.

But first, let us know what the common causes of dry skin are:

Hand washing: This is what we do daily to keep our hands clean, and it is one of the best ways to prevent sicknesses throughout the year. But overwashing can leave your hands feeling dry, cracked, and irritated, especially when the temperature is low.

Cold weather: Dry and cold temperatures can sap your skin of moisture. Your skin can get cracked and callused easily.

Hot Water: Water is one of the reasons that cause moisture loss in our skin. Having a hot bath can be enjoyable, especially on a cold day, but your skin’s natural moisture balance will be disrupted. Consider bathing with lukewarm water, which is more gentle. You will want to prevent moisture loss right out of the shower. Using a hydrating moisturizer can help to maintain your skin’s moisture levels when your skin is still damp.

Keep Hands And Feet Soft #1 - Moisturize Your Hands & Feet With The Right Ingredients

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Moisturizers can hold water in your skin’s outer layer. But if you constantly reapply the lotion, it may not be hydrating enough for your skin. Different types of moisturizers are in the market, such as water-based lotions, creams, gels, and serums.

Thin lotions may have a higher water content, while rich moisturizers are packed with ingredients formulated to reach deep into the layers of the skin. The ingredients contained in most moisturizers include:

Humectants, which include dlycerin, urea, and alpha-hydroxy acids. It can draw water into the skin. Occlusives, which include shea butter, petrolatum, and allantoin, can hold water in the skin. Emollients, including sunflower, jojoba, and lanolin, can smooth the skin. Some other common ingredients include aloe vera gels, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and honey.

Using moisturizers can help to prevent and treat dry skin, protect sensitive skin and improve skin texture. One of the most effective ways to keep hands and feet soft is to apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Pat your skin dry with a towel after washing to retain moisture, then apply the moisturizer. It will help to trap the water in your skin.

Keep Hands And Feet Soft #2 - Exfoliate Regularly

Hands And Feet Soft
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Dead skin cells building up on your hands and feet can make them look dry and dull. Exfoliation is an important step in keeping your hands and feet soft. It helps to remove dead skin cells that cause your skin to be dry and rough.

Consider exfoliating your skin a few times weekly to prevent dead skin cells from building up on your hands and feet. You can consider getting a body scrub. Many different types of body scrubs are available on the market, and they can be a great way to exfoliate your hands and feet.

Using a pumice stone is another option, which is excellent for exfoliating your feet. Rub it gently over the rough area and rinse your feet thoroughly when you are done. Ensure that you don’t overdo it. Exfoliating your hands and feet once or twice a week is enough. Overdoing it will cause your skin to become raw and irritated.

Keep Hands And Feet Soft #3 - Soak In Warm Water

Hands And Feet Soft

Soaking your hands and feet can be a relaxing way to keep them soft and smooth. Soak them in warm water for 10 minutes, and it will help to loosen up the dead skin cell, making them easier to be removed.

As you soak your hands and feet, add some natural ingredients to the water to enhance the benefit. For example, adding essential oil or Epsom salt can help to soothe and relax your muscle. You can use a pumice stone or loofah to slough off the dead skin cells.

Remember to pat your hands and feet dry after you are done soaking. Moisturize your hands and feet after exfoliating to keep them from becoming too dry. Massage your hand and feet gently after you apply the moisturizer to help it absorb into the skin.

Keep Hands And Feet Soft #4 - Use A Hand Or Foot Cream

Hands And Feet Soft

Applying hand or foot cream can help to hydrate and nourish your skin, preventing dryness and cracking. When choosing the hand or foot cream, look for one with natural ingredients, such as shea butter, coconut oil, or aloe vera, for the most use. These ingredients are gentle, nourishing, and effective at moisturizing the skin.

Apply the cream after washing your hands and feet. Pat them dry and apply a small amount of the cream. It can help to lock in moisture and keep your skin soft and smooth. Use gentle circular motions as you apply the cream.

Consider using a thicker cream if you have particularly rough or dry skin on your hands or feet. These products will provide more intensive hydration and help to repair and protect your skin. The best is to apply it before bed, which can give an extra boost of hydration overnight.

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